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Nata's remarkable journey as a musician commenced when she was just four years old. Music wasn't foreign to her, given that both her parents were musicians. From her earliest moments, she was immersed in the world of music, practically growing up within the walls of the Opera house where her mother worked at the time. This upbringing meant attending rehearsals and performances, shaping her deep connection to the art.


At the tender age of seven, she embarked on a path of participating in competitions, auditions for various projects, and festivals. A crowning achievement was her standout performance in the 2007 competition in Georgia, Tbilisi, where she earned a special prize and was recognized as the best participant.


Her journey expanded to encompass international competitions, spanning countries like Luxembourg, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Germany, and Switzerland. Over the years, her dedication led to numerous first prizes and special accolades for her outstanding chamber performances.


Nata also took center stage, annually performing captivating violin concertos alongside symphonic orchestras. Among the unforgettable moments was her rendition of Brahms' Violin Concerto in D major in the grand hall of Tbilisi Conservatory, a feat she accomplished at a mere 13 years old.


In 2018, Nata's exceptional talent led her to be admitted to the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, pursuing a bachelor's degree under the tutelage of Ilya Grubert and Kees Koelmans. Later in her studies, she chose to continue her violin mastery under the guidance of Peter Brunt, a testament to her enduring commitment to honing her craft. Her journey stands as an inspiration to all who encounter her story.

Currently, Nata is playing in Damsco Quartet as a violinist under the guidance of NSKA - Netherlands StrijkKwartet Academie. For more information about Damsco Quartet, visit the website 

She has been and is part of many different orchestras and ensembles such as:

Neue Philharmonie München - Germany

Amsterdam Sinfonietta

Jong Metropole - Netherlands

Nationaal Jeugdorkest (NJO) - Netherlands

Opera Academies - BOA (Berlin)
                                SOA (Italy)

Kamerata Zuid - Netherlands


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